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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Searching for Top Revenue Generating Affiliate Programs?

Then You Reached at Perfect Place

You've just spent lot of time for Researching which Affiliate Programs choose to Promote ?, that gives you good Revenue, You may be become a member of few of them, but within a few days you are frustrated, Are you ?

When I was first searching for Affiliate Programs same was happend to me also, But After That I was decided I am not going to give any Affiliate Programs which is not good to my site users, and thats why I Mention only that programs which gives me lot of Revenue.

To Success in Affiliate Programs First of all you have to concentrate on few Affiliate Programs and try to Pomote them by using diffrent methods. Select Affiliate Programs which suite to your website, based on containt and intrest of your website. Try to write your own views regarding that Affiliate Program, This attracts site users.

All Affiliate Programs on this website are Personally tested and evaluated by me, I am already an Affiliate of all these given Programs.

Join Best Affiliate Programs Of India Herbs

Giving You Generous Profit-Sharing

  • Placing lifetime cookies on your referrals' computers.
  • Paying you 40% commission (with no limits) on all sales generated from your referrals.
  • Paying you 10% commission (with no limits) on all sales generated on the websites of your referrals - Two Tier Affiliate Program.
  • Ensuring you are properly credited for orders.  Orders are only accepted via phone or mail if the customer is absolutely reluctant to order online.  In this case, the affiliate code (displayed on the bottom of every India Herbs website) is required before the customer can place the order.

Treating You like a True Partner

  • Providing you detailed real time stats of raw clicks, unique clicks, number of sales, earnings, and downline stats.
  • Providing you instant email notification of sales.
  • Sending you on-time payments on a monthly basis with no minimum payout limit.
  • Providing you an extensive library of banners and marketing materials for all products.
  • Hosting marketing tools so you don't need to download banners and upload them to your server.  This saves you bandwidth costs.  Simply grab our html code and add it to your website.

Maximizing Sales & Repeat Orders

  • Researching and testing Herbal Supplement Formulations to ensure they are effective.
  • Keeping the entire production process in-house - selection of herbal extracts, production, and packaging.
  • Producing steady stream of new products.
  • Maintaining Branded Websites which explain each herbal supplement in intricate detail.
  • Maintaining a content rich website for Ayurvedic Medicine to encourage repeated visits by your referrals.
  • Providing answers to customer enquiries within 24 hours via email and toll-free representative.
  • Providing shopping cart system, Customer Loyal Discount Program, and Special Offers.
  • Shipping orders within 1 business day

Click Here to Join Now Affiliate Programs by India Herbs


1) The SiteSell Affiliate Program Offers

Lifetime commissions : you not only get first sale commission but whenever that customer purchase diffrent products from SiteSell you will be given commission for that also.

Two-tier commission : you not only earns on your sale but you also earn commissions from those whom you refer to SiteSell.

No program offers the unique traffic-building tools, quality e-zine training support, and generous lifetime and 2-tier commissions that the 5 Pillar Program does. We are totally focused on helping you succeed.

This programe Supports its Affiliate to improve their sales and Affiliate, by providing the lots of Promotional Materials and Courses which you donot find anywhere.

Its supports to Affiliates is fantastic they reply within 6 hrs. for any of your questions. through his Newsletters he regularly gives lot of ideas and materials to promote the products, very high conversion Rate and this is because all the products are very good.

( No, you do not even need to have a Web site -- simply refer offline friends, relatives, and colleagues to your special tracking URL.)

Join the SiteSell 5 Pillar Affiliate Program here.

Ken Evoy has a free course on affiliate marketing.It has great information, and it's amazing that how he gives this course for free (I know many ebooks that sell for $99 or more, but the information is not as good as this free course have!)

The Affiliate Masters Course.

This 10-DAY course focuses 100% on helping you, the affiliate, succeed. It leads you, step by digestible step, day by day, through a flawless process...



2) "Affiliate Marketers Handbook 2005"

Earn $35 US for each copy of James Martell's "Affiliate Marketers Handbook 2005" -- plus $15 for every copy sold by your sub-affiliates!

No Silly Quotas : even if you sell only one you will be paid.

This Product Is in Hot Demand.Cookies Last For 99 years!

Two-tier commission : you not only earns on your sale but you also earn commissions from those whom you refer to this site.

Click here to Join "Affiliate Marketers Handbook 2005"


3) Receive Huge Income Credits Every Month

with fully Automated Affiliate Marketing System.

NovaSoft provided with a First Class software solution. They are extremely professional and have fantastic business attitude and only delivers quality and well thought out code. due to Excellent quality products All the products sale like a Hot Cake.

A Two Tier Affiliate Program which pays 40% commissions on Tier One and 10% on tier two on sales of all products. This is an opportunity for you to earn an excellent recurring commission.

You will be sent an email informing you of each sale that happens through your referral or through your Sub Affiliate

Click Here to Join NovaSoft Affiliate Program


4) Become a MyReferer Affiliate!

MyReferer is now offering $60 US for every account that is generated from your site + additional commissions for every affiliate who signs up through you.

This Program Attracts me because if anybody just download Trial Account Even though it pays $10

+ $10.00 US for every FREE Trial Account (lead)+ $50.00 US for every paid account

+ 5% 2-tier commission, for every affiliate who signs up through youStart Your Own Affiliate Program : Myreferer is a Affiliate Tracking and Management Program,

Free Trial Download,

You can increase your Traffic & Boost your Sales

Click Here to Join MyReferer Affiliate Program


5) Adimpact Floating Layer Technology

Join The Adimpact Affiliate Program:

"adimpact's pop-up technology is perfect for turning casual browsers into buyers!

"Turn your traffic into cash by telling the world about this hot, new technology.

Earn 25% Commissions on each new signup and recurring commissions for the life of the client.

It's easy and it's free to join


We have added an incredible 25% 2nd tier downline program.

This allows you to receive ongoing commisions from your affiliates!

Join Affiliate Program


6) Kowabunga Technologies Affiliate Program

Offer up to 20% Commissions to Affiliates

and up to 5% on Second Tier Commissions.

Winner of Award of Merit 2005 for Excellence in Affiliate Software from Web Marketing Todayall products of kowabunga is very nice and it have great demand

Start your own traffic-driving Affiliate Program today with the My Affiliate Program Software. This is the software the Pro's use!

1st Tier: 20% -

2nd Tier: 5%

Visit website.

Sit back, relax and watch your profits soar as our experienced Team Affiliate Managers build, manage and perfect your Affiliate Program.1st Tier:10% - 2nd Tier: 2%

Visit website.

Effortlessly build, manage and mail to your Opt-In lists of subscribers with Opt-In Pro Email Marketing Software.

1st Tier: 20% - 2nd Tier: 5%

Visit website.

Join Affiliate Program


7) WordTracker Partner Programe

The Leading Keyword Research Tool Company give 15% Commission on all his products

having Good Demand,

you will get 5% on 2nd tiear.

It provides Free trial which converts high sales performance.

Many other things for free download.

Join Affiliate Program


8) Google Adsense Programe

I find Google AdSense is quite a good earning programme for Publishers. It is basically

Pay Per Click ( PPC ) Programme

Unleash the full revenue potential of your website.

Google AdSense is for web publishers who want to make more revenue from advertising on their site while maintaining editorial quality. AdSense delivers Google ads that are relevant to what your readers see on your pages — and Google pays you.

Earn money when users click on AdWords ads displayed on your site.
Enhance user experience with relevant ads that will interest your users.
Manage your own account with easy-to-use tools to track your earnings.

Get started fast and pay nothing to participate.
Once approved, serve ads in minutes.
If you want to join this google adsense then Click on Link given below and fill out the form they will reply you within 48 hrs. that your website is approved or not.
Know all the details i.e. What is Google AdSense ?,
How Much Will I Earn ?,
How do I get Started or

FAQ Just Click the below given banner or click here for Details


9) WebLink SEO Website Promotion Software

WebLink SEO is a powerful software package that enables you to analyze your competitor's websites and promote your website on the Internet to generate improved search engine results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) used to be a time-consuming and difficult process, but WebLink makes light work of it by providing you with a wide variety of tools that not only help to analyze and optimize your website, but also promote your website on the Internet - no other package available offers such a comprehensive variety of features.

Want to earn $30 on every sale you refer to us? There is no risk involved, in fact all you need to do is promote WebLink SEO on your website by using your affiliate link, then just sit back and watch the commission cheques roll in! Also, if you then refer someone else to our affiliate program you will also make 10% on any earnings they make as well. It means you will earn 10% on all your Referal Links, who join this program from your link.

Join Affiliate Program


10) Affiliate Classroom Affiliate System

The Affiliate Classroom affiliate system is a 2-tier program that awards our affiliates for helping us recruit other affiliates.

1st Tier: $10.00 per sale

2nd tier: $5.00 per sale

This affiliate program pays a recurring commission – as long as the student you refer stays a member, you will continue to earn month after month!

The Affiliate Classroom giving you a ton of resources to use.

You'll immediately have access to all of the following to help your promotionsBranded viral e-guides

Solo Ads Newsletter issues

Affiliate Classroom Reviews (to use on your website)

Classified Ads Article ideas A complete article submission directory listing you can immediately use.. . Immediate help in setting up your own Affiliate Classroom promotional websites

(He will help you pick a domain name, write a review and get traffic to your own website that promotes Affiliate Classroom).

His Some Affiliates getting upto 9.6% Conversion

Join Affiliate Program


11) 1stSearchRanking Affiliate Program

Overview of The 1stSearchRanking Affiliate Program

Here are different products and services from which you can earn commissions:

* LinkExplore Link Popularity Software* Pay Per Click Package* Non Pay Per Click Search Engine Positioning Services* Maintenance Plan of Non Pay Per Click Search Engine Positioning Services* Advertising in the 1st Search Ranking Newsletter* Sales made by your sub-affiliates

You will earn a 30% initial commission on every salePlus, you will also earn a recurring 30% commission on each of the monthly payments their in for related products.Sales made by sub-affiliates: This affiliate program not only pays you for the sales you have generated for them, but also for the sales made by affiliates whom you have referred to them. You are paid a 10% commission on the value of the sale made by your sub-affiliates.

You will find Very Good Quality of Promotional Materials to Promote Diffrent Products.

All Articles are so informative that if someone read one article he eager to read another one.

Join Affiliate Program


12) Click Bank Affiliate Program

As a ClickBank reseller you earn a 20% commission on the activation fee that is collected when the vendor activates their account. In addition, you earn 5% on every sale made by that vendor for a full calendar year after their initial signup date.

Join Affiliate Program


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